Where I Want To Be

Of course, I want to go everywhere, but sometimes you have to narrow your focus in order to make plans. Here are some of the top things on my list, which I’ll cross out as we hit them or add to as I see fit. This, of course, does not include things that were previously on my list and have been checked off – I’ve been lucky enough that it would be way too long in that case.

  1. Camp at Mt Everest Base Camp
  2. Antarctica
    1. Camp on Antarctica
    2. Polar plunge
  3. Morocco (or anywhere in Africa)
  4. See the Tour de France
  5. Brussels
    1. Have a beer at Cantillon
  6. Japan
  7. South Korea
  8. North Korea
  9. Petra, Jordan
  10. Greenland
    1. Arctic Trail Hike
  11. Russia
  12. China
    1. Chengdu/Sichuan
    2. Terra Cotta Warriors
    3. Great Wall
  13. Travel up the Mekong River
  14. Run a marathon in another country
  15. Easter Island
  16. Predjama Castle in Slovenia