Chighatoy | Close by Tinchlik Subway Station, Tashkent
Tony and his friend Zamir taste a round of local cuisine, including lapeshka bread, noodle soup, tandoor lamb chop, chicken, and lamb kabobs. Apparently these mahallas can be hard to find, as they’re basically back yards, but the websites I found that actually mention this place make it sound pretty popular. The Travel Channel description says they eat at “Jumanji,” which is indeed a restaurant in Uzbekistan, but the pictures don’t look anything like the show, nor does the restaurant name they say sound anything alike. (NR 1.8, 2005) *, **

Aleko Restaurant | Parkentskaya street, Shastri intersection, in front of Green Apple supermarket, Tashkent
Tony and Zamir swing into this nightclub/restaurant for a “kiss of Jamaica” cocktail and some bellydancing shows.  The restaurant is now called Bochka. (NR 1.8, 2005)

Chaikhana | ??
Tony and Zamir relax at one of these traditional tea houses for men only.  They never specify which one, or if it even has a name. (NR 1.8, 2005)

Jizzakh | ??
Once again, the duo stop at a roadside spot to have some room temperature meat on their travels and don’t give a lot of details.  They do have tandoori kebab, ribs, brain, and liver, all from lamb. (NR 1.8, 2005)

If you’re looking for more food, Bourdain mentions the rice dish palov when he is at a wedding as a pretty standard Uzbek dish.