Street Vendor | On the way from the airport
On the way into town from the airport, Tony stops at a well-placed street food vendor for kim tok soon, which features all of his facvorite things in a spicy red sauce. (NR2.11, 2006)

Noryangjin Fish Market | Dongjak noryangjindong 13-8, Dongjak District, Seoul, South Korea
After admiring the fish, Tony and Nari dig into fresh raw octopus, with tentacles still squirming. (NR2.11, 2006)

Kimchi Maker | Yeoncheon
Bourdain visits a family outside of Seoul who make kimchi, helping prepare some and, of course, eating it. (NR2.11, 2006)

Hantan River Fish Restaurant | 620-7 Jeongok-ri, Seoul, South Korea
Tony has maeun-tang, a spicy fish stew made with the fresh fish he and Nari caught in the previous segment. (NR2.11, 2006)

Street Food | Seoul
After visiting various arcades, Tony stops at a street food stall serving chicken parts, including a stir-fry, chicken feet, and anus. Tony partakes in soju as well. (NR2.11, 2006)

Hangang | 316-5 Hangangro 2ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
After all the drinking of the previous night, Tony and Nari stop here for their famous hangover soup. (NR2.11, 2006)

Charcoal Factory | Yangpyeong
Still hung over, Tony and Nari go to a charcoal factory that parlays the heat they use making charcoal into saunas. After a steam, they also have a Korean barbecue meal (with soju). (NR2.11, 2006)