São Paulo

Bar do Mané | Rua da Cantareira, 306 – Rua E Box 14 – Centro, São Paulo – SP, 01024-000, Brazil
Tony’s first stop is this stand in the Mercado Municipal to get the mortadella sandwich with cheese (and a beer) – a must-have any time he’s in São Paulo. (NR3.9, 2007)

Street Food | R. Cel. Euclídes Machado, 1066 – Jardim das Gracas, São Paulo – SP, 02213-000, Brazil
The address is for Sociedade Rosas de Ouro – the street food market was across the street. Here Tony gets the “super dogão” – a sausage with mashed potatoes, peas, corn, garlic sauce, and soy sauce. (NR3.9, 2007)

Valadares | Rua Faustolo 463 Lapa, São Paulo
Bourdain sits with friends at this “boteco bar” for a sampling of testicles (bull and rooster), potato with garlic, cod, and frog. (NR3.9, 2007)

Manacá Restaurante | Rua do Manaca 102, Camburi, Sao Sebastiao, State of São Paulo 11619-383, Brazil
Tony and friends travel to this remote-looking restaurant near the beach that specializes in seafood. Along with plenty of caipirinhas, they have bacalao with sweet potato puree and leeks, fish wrapped in banana leaf, scallops with cauliflower puree and truffle butter, and shrimp flambe de cachaça with coconut rice and cashew sauce. (NR3.9, 2007)

Bar de Santa | Alameda Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 1417 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo – SP, 01403-001, Brazil
Now called St. Etienne, Tony stops by to cure his hangover with pão na chapa (grilled baguette) and coffee. (NR3.9, 2007)

Claudia’s | ???
Claudia is a cook who makes traditional food in her home for visitors. Tony mentions she does it to make some extra money and that when you’re in São Paulo you should absolutely stop in, but good luck finding it, if she’s even still in business. While there, he has the national dish of Brazil: feijoada, a stew of beef, pork, and spicy sausage, kale, and rice. He also has farofa, which is manioc flour with tomato, carrots, and olives toasted with butter, salt, and bacon. They also drink beer and do some shots of cachaça. (NR3.9, 2007)