Puerto Rico

Barrachina Restaurant | 104 Calle Fortaleza, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico
Tony does the touristy thing and stops by the birthplace of the pina colada, only to be disappointed at the way they are mass produced. (NR2.6, 2006)

Lechonera Los Pinos | Km. 27.7, PR-184, Cayey, 00736, Puerto Rico
Tony gets The Combination, a massive plate or pork parts to cover with sofrito, the national topping of Puerto Rico. He is in heaven. (NR2.6, 2006)

Sonia Rican | Jobos Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico
*CLOSED* At this walk-up beach bar, Tony gets mofongo, a dish made of fried plantain and pork fat. Unfortuantely, the place has closed. (NR2.6, 2006)

Raices Restaurante | 315 Calle Recinto Sur, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico
After sparring with Miguel Cotto, the boxer takes Tony to Raices for chuleta kan kan, a massive piece pork chop with meat, fat, and crispy skin still on. There is also, of course, rice and beans. (NR2.6, 2006)

La Purisima (Immaculate Conception) Festival
Bourdain is in town for this festival, which offers plenty of street food. He opts for chicken gizzards and some kind of meat on a stick. (NR2.6, 2006)

El Pueblo del Chicharron | Cll 21, Bayamón, Bayamon, Bayam, Puerto Rico
One last stop for chicharrones – or fried pork belly and skin – before leaving Puerto Rico. (NR2.6, 2006)