Makola Market | Osc 384 Makola Shopping Mall, Kojo Thompson Rd, Accra, Ghana
Tony is shown around the market before stopping to get some local liquor, akpeteshie. He later also drinks plenty of palm wine and samples grasscutter, a type of indigenous rodent. (NR3.2, 2007)

Asanka Local | 16 Adzoatse St, Accra, Ghana
Bourdain stops by the chop bar for local food and music. He samples omo tuo, stew, palm nut soup, ground nut soup, and cow tongue. (NR3.2, 2007)

Beach Grill | ?
With the Minister of Tourism, Tony eats on Labadi Beach, sampling lobster, shrimp, squid, red snapper, and barracuda. It’s probably not an actual place, but maybe some options for trying local food. (NR3.2, 2007)

Osu Night Market | Basel St, Accra, Ghana
Tony tries a plate piled high with market goodies: pork, spinach stew, rice, beans, and pepper. (NR3.2, 2007)