Le Royal | 212 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France
Tony wants to stop at a non-touristy local institution for breakfast, so he swings into Le Royal for croissant, café crème (a large coffee with cream), orange juice, and a couple cigarettes. (NR1.1, 2005)

Cantada II | 13 Rue Moret, 75011 Paris, France
Tony furthers his Oscar Wilde fantasy by stopping in for some absinthe, as well as a lesson on the drink from an absinthe producer who “just so happened” to be there. (NR1.1, 2005)

Chez Denise | 5 Rue des Prouvaires, 75001 Paris, France
Tony stops in this traditional restaurant for some old-school French classics, enjoying blanquette de veau (veal in white sauce), rum baba, and a digestif to help with digestion. (NR1.1, 2005)

Rungis Market | 1 Rue de la Tour, 94550 Chevilly-Larue, France
In the early morning hours, Tony and fellow chef Louisa explore the world’s largest wholesale market.  They get breakfast at one of the market’s 12 restaurants, L’Aloyau, which includes a roast beef sandwich and wine at 9am.  Rungis is for professionals only, but you can book a guided tour that will get you breakfast at one of the restaurants. (NR1.1, 2005)

Robert et Louise | 64 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris, France
Tony sits down for some cote de beouf at this no-frills meatery.*

Pascal Pinaud Boulangerie & Patisserie | 70 Rue Monge, 75005 Paris, France
Once again up early, Tony joins former Cordon Bleu instructor Pascal Fino at his bakery to get fresh baguette. (NR1.1, 2005)

Café de la Mairie | 8 Place Saint-Sulpice, 75006 Paris, France
To close out the show’s first episode, Tony sits at a run-of-the-mill outdoor café, enjoying a ham sandwich, coffee, and a few more cigarettes as he waxes philosophical about French life and their relationship with food.