Northern Ireland

The Crown Saloon | 46 Great Victoria St, Belfast BT2 7BA, UK
Noted as one of the most famous pubs in Northern Ireland, Tony and friends sit down to beef and Guinness pie, Irish stew with lamb, potatoes, carrots, and onions, and of course a pint of the black stuff. (NR3.1, 2007)

Cayenne | 24-31 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast BT2 7DB, UK
*CLOSED* Tony sits with chef Paul Rankin to feast on an oriental appetizer plate, lobster and chicken wontons with lobster jus, beef filet with a miso glaze, and lamb loin with potatoes and kimchi. Accompanied by Irish whisky. (NR3.1, 2007)

Southern Ireland

Train | Belfast to Dublin
On the train from Belfast to Dublin, Bourdain has a full Irish breakfast. (NR3.1, 2007)

Madina Asian Food Co. | 60 Mary St, North City, Dublin 1, Ireland
Tony tries the local Indian food, including tandoori chicken, samosas, and curries. (NR3.1, 2007)

King Sitric | E Pier, Howth, Dublin, Ireland
Outside of Dublin, Tony samples the local top-notch seafood: periwinkles, clams, mussels, razor clams, Dublin king prawns, oysters, and lobster. All while wearing a bib. (NR3.1, 2007)

Gubbeen House | Gubbeen House, Gubbeen, Schull, Co. Cork, Ireland
In County Cork, Bourdain samples some of the wares of Gubbeen House: cheese, charcuterie, and produce. (NR3.1, 2007)