Pelikan | Blekingegatan 40, 116 62 Stockholm, Sweden
Tony has traditional Swedish food with some snowboarders in a traditional Swedish restaurant. They, of course, order swedish meatballs, as well as fläsklägg (pig knuckle). (NR2.5, 2006)

Östermalms saluhall | Humlegårdsgatan 1, 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden
In preparation of a St. Martin’s Day feast, Tony tours the food hall with a local food writer. They buy their meal preparations, but also taste seafood, oysters, and aquavit. (NR2.5, 2006)

Restaurant Lux | Primusgatan 116, 112 67 Stockholm, Sweden
Tony rambles on about his hate for ABBA at the small kitchen table while he eats lobster in butter and sugar, lingonberry sorbet, lemon sole with scallop and scallop roe, and a variety of other dishes. (NR2.5, 2006)

Maxi Grillen | Götgatan 47B, 116 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Tony stops at this late-night kiosk for a post-nightclub Swedish standard: Tunnbrödsrulle with everything. It is a hot dog wrapped in a burrito-like shell with mashed potato, ketchup, mustard, and shrimp salad. “This is the most disgusting thing ever…and I love it.” (NR2.5, 2006)